Holy Cow


Clothesline Revival





APRIL 20, 2018

1 Cow Cow Voodoo FULL MP3
2 My Life as a Cactus  sample
3 Roustabout  sample
4 Sacred Blues  sample
5 Crawdaddio   sample
6 Snakebite Magicians  
7 Dirt Road No. 24   sample
8 Far Flung   sample
9 On a Bus to Nowhere   sample
10 Downtown Wagon  
11 You're Gonna Need Somebody on Your Bond  
12 Saint Max


Holy Cow! The genius behind Clothesline Revival's most adventurous, funkiest and sublime album to date is Conrad Praetzelís inspired quirky electronica that permeates the tracks and builds the terrain upon which the organic roots instrumentation can rollick. The music on this all instrumental album gravitates between insanity and serenity, boisterous blues and tender spirituals where a Moog synthesizer and a 1937 Harmony archtop guitar can share the same sonic space. Clothesline Revival received critical acclaim and has been celebrated on syndicated NPR.