They Came From Somewhere


Clothesline Revival

What a choice sound, right in there with T-Bone and Lanois."

~ Gregg McVicar, Host/Producer, UnderCurrents

1. Voice of the Lobster  sample
2. Washed Away Blues (featuring Charlie Musselwhite on harmonica) sample
3. The Resurrection of John Henry  FULL MP3
4. Clouds That Won't Rain  sample
5. Snake Walk   sample
6. Orange Clown Train (featuring Charlie Musselwhite on harmonica) sample
7. Return to Iona  sample
8. Cootie Catcher  sample
9. Fava Bean Man  sample
10. King Solomon Hill  sample
11. TV Preacher  FULL MP3
12. Beautiful Home sample
13. Rowing Away  sample



Clothesline Revival is all about exploring new frontiers in Americana roots music. From the imagination and inspiration of Conrad Praetzel, “They Came from Somewhere” is a collection of original instrumentals, ranging from lazy blues ballads to rompous steam-powered jigs, that combine rough hewn beats, emotionally charged atmospherics and roots instrumentation. Featuring Praetzel (acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, banjo, keyboards), blues legend Charlie Musselwhite (harmonica), Robert Powell (lap and pedal steel guitars), and Chris Rovetti (fiddle), “They Came From Somewhere” is Praetzel’s first collection of all original compositions in over ten years. The first two Clothesline Revival CDs, “Of My Native Land” and “Long Gone”, received critical acclaim and were celebrated on syndicated NPR.